Thursday, February 19, 2009

Exactly who is getting stimulated by Obama's Stimulus Plan?

Not exactly entrepreneurs and small businesses. Small businesses make up 98% of all businesses in the world. A small business is considered any business with 100 employees or less. They employ half the population of working Americans.

Obama plans to sign into law his $787 BILLION stimulus package to revive the economy will billions going to health care, education and tax cuts for individuals.

He has also recently released the Small Business Emergency Rescue Plan to help out small businesses by making it easier to get loans.

Only time will tell what's going to happen. The idea of this stimulus plan is to have Americans pump more money into the economy, but as business owners become more savvy, this is going to be tough.

Only time can tell.

Contrary to what people may believe..

Retail has actually gone up 1% in January than it did Holiday Season.

Can you believe that? I can. I've noticed so many stores with unbelievable sales, but being from a working class family with a single mother and on top of that being a job-less college student (this has to change..), I couldn't even take advantage of most of these sales.

Personally I think the prices went rock bottom so people wouldn't be motivated to steal, but that's just me!

If you're looking to see the exact percentages of how high retail sales may have gotten in different industries, check it out here

The Art of Cutting Costs

You can find out more about entrepreneurs cutting costs by checking out this article but here are some obvious ways of saving money as the price of EVERYTHING, pretty much, goes up.

Chris Mazzili of the Gotham Comedy Club in NYC has switched to green products. (i.e. toilet paper, napkins, & paper towels) The key is to not have the customers notice. Since green products have developed past the tree-barky feeling of toilet paper and has now saved Chris Mazzili 10%-15% on paper supplies.

Craig Heurung, as sales manager of Speedee deliver has simply communicating to his truck drivers on how to conserve more gas. Easy things like not pressing on the breaks as often, turning off the engine whenever possible has saved him, and driving slowly to conserve more gas.

Now you know why those 18-wheelers drive so slow! Not because they're a clumsy vehicle, but also because it saves gas.

Have you learned your lesson?

The biggest lesson in entrepreneurship is to never give up, under any circumstance. This is probably the biggest lesson in life as well, or it should be. Well in an article from has summarized all the lessons that we can learn with unexpected examples of who have taught them to us.

Here are my favorite ones:

Lebron James
Lesson: No matter how successful you are, keep growing and never become complacent.

Besides being compared to Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson with his basketball skills and helping the U.S. win gold inthe BeiJing Olympics in basketball, Lebron has steered towards the business and entrepreneurial side of things by dropping his marketing company to start his own LRMR Marketing. He has been learning Mandarin for the past 2 years for more business opportunities. Lebron is only 24.

Sky's the Limit!

Jon Stewart
Lesson: You'll be more successful if you earn customers' trust.

I know I'm not the only one that thinks Jon Stewart is uproariously funny. In fact, most of America does. That's why people have almost considered "The Daily Show" as the real news! It's all through trust. And when his "history textbook" came out, poking fun at American History over the years, it sold well.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Since when did being bad feel so good?

The answer is almost always! That's why up and coming entrepreneurs have thought about the cleverest ways to market to the all those who've committed one, or two, or all, of the 7 deadly sins.

Here's an overall look at the 3 of the 7 deadly sins, and how some smart cookies have successfully used it to market their goods/services.

Charisma-Coach-for-Hire. Alot of people suffer from lack of confidence and you can't have that as the head of any business! Alot of higher ranking business people have used the services of Olivia Foxe-Cabbane...half a million a year to be exact, just to be taught to have pride and confidence in themselves.

Secretly, everyone's favorite sin, right? Ever mixed lust with delicious food? Well that was Amy Reilly's idea. Just when you had enough of those stupid Asian-French or American-Carribean fusion restaurants that think their idea of delicious is to absolutely shake and stir the beauty of culture onto a plate, Amy's idea is golden. No idea what I'm talking about? Check out her website

Sex Sells!

Wine is an indulgence. Something that you sit back and enjoy. That's why Saurabh Abrol created his website as an online wine seller marketing to anyone 21+.

If you want to know something more about the 4 other sin, check it out here

Just when you thought you could breathe out...

gas prices on the rise again! And obviously it affects every aspect of a small business owner. But even in this dowdy economic condition, some people still have the luxury of going about their everyday lives without adjusting their budget. Hopefully things will look way up in 8-10 years when I decide to open my store.

I read this article via and got the 10 ways rising fuel costs can affect small businesses. Some of them are obviously valid, some of them, I can debate.

1. Direct Cost Increase
Well, presuming that I actually start driving myself around when I get older and as I get up on my own feet after opening my store, I won't have a chauffeur. So the trips to Fed-Ex or picking up shipment, etc., multiple times a week would probably drill a couple holes in my wallet.

2. Increased Shipping Costs
Vendors will charge more to ship.

3. More Reliance on E-mail and Fax
Not like it's not like that now. But imagine relying solely on this technology.

4. Less Employee Candidates
I don't think this will be a problem if a person truly desires a job. You can hire friends or acquaintances.

5. Higher Wages for Employees
It's funny how the economy has faltered but yet the minimum wage in MASS has risen from $7.50 to $8. Thank you Mr. Patrick!

6. Less Face to Face Meetings
I don't think this one's too valid. I don't plan on having too many employees working for me when I start off anyways. And plus, they better drive out to see me if I'm their boss!

7. Higher Prices for Prime Locations
Definitely! For downtown locations or locations close to train stops. I don't plan on opening my store in the boonies, so.

8. Less Drive by Traffic
No problem if you get a prime location, right?

9. Consumers with Less Disposable Income
This one's a biggie! I can actually relate this to myself. I used to shop, but now it's a luxury to just buy something small. People are also more motivated to steal.

10. Less Profit per Sale

here's the link to the article

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Creativity+Recession=Entrepreneur's Best Chance

I read over some articles on I want to open my own store one day but I also wanted develop a strong background in Fashion Merchandising in my college career because what I believe is that entrepreneurship and the most successful entrepreneurs are not neccesarily college graduates. All you need is the hunger and the drive and the determination. Already being in debt to the government (College, College, College..tsk, tsk), without money and only taking chances, some entrepreneurs have soared to unseen heights of success. Being an entrepreneur is truly the American dream for me, not working under a boss my whole life.

The article is titled "Recession = More Creativity + Higher Rates of Entrepreneurship" by Jennifer Wang

People's creativy have continually increased during our times of recession. The recent loss of millions of jobs has had some Americans totally down in the dumps, and moping, but with other Americans, it has only made them more determined. Welcome to the real world where people get fired and have to get back on their feet. Not trying to be cliche, but there is always opportunity in adversity.

When things are good, people are savoring the financial comfort. But this recession has provided the neccesary shock for the people to get up and get something and to think for themselves. There are some reputable companies that started during a recession: Burger King, MTV. Stephen Fuller, chair of the public policy department of George Mason Univ. jokes, "Some of the unemployed are out there starting the future AOLs and Apples. If I knew who they were, I'd invest in them". And who doesn't want to be invested in? Whether it's investing trust or the stock market.


Oh, here's the link to the article in case you're just itching to find out more.

The Transition of Dimepiece. Sugary Street to Shockingly Chic! (I'm so corny)

I've been following Dimepiece Designs by Ashley Dimes and Laura Marie since their first collection in 2007. But unfortunately, none of their pieces hit stores around the Boston Area in time. I swear I would have taken the bus all the way to New York City to buy some of their Summer 2007 pieces, which was my favorite. It was just bold bright colors with lots daring screen prints and loud, fiesty statements such as : "Ain't No Wifey", "$$$ is the root of all evil " and "Trust no B*tch!". I LOVED it.

So this was the Dimepiece that won my heart over.

I love the City of Angels tee!

And of course, the logo tee won my heart too.

I'm not a fan of Foxy Brown, but she's a good example of money being the root of all evil! And plus, her outfit is amazing...check out those boots & cut off shorts!

image via

Now here is Dimepiece Specialty 2009

The skirt is amazing but it's pretty, matured and developed, dare I say, compared to Summer 2009.

I would love to wear that vest over a wife beater.

imaged via

The back of the vest is very Marie-Antoinette-French-Revolution reminiscent. I still love it.

They have gotten pretty chic, havent they? Very Runway-worthy. I mean I like it, but I loved the old Dimepiece collection like 3x more.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yours Truly Spring/Summer 2009!!

I'm in love. I just can't stop. My obsession with t-shirts and sweatshirts have start to become absolutely overwhelming and I find myself just admiring stuff online for hours (well more like 15 minutes). Yours Truly Brand is my victim tonight!

Yours Truly is a female streetwear brand that originated in Brooklyn NY. These ladies have continuously delivered with fiesty T-shirts season after season, and I must admit...I own some. These $40 t-shirts have drilled holes in my pocket. But I love them all!

This Spring/Summer 2009 collection is just, by far, the most creative they've gotten with screen printing.

I'm definitely eyeing the East Coast Shirt and the Above the Clouds t-shirt.

I love the off the shoulder sweatshirt! I'm gonna get it, I don't care.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Item Spotlight: Nike Skinny Dunks

For all the ladies that love sneakers.

Times are rough right now and our economy has a couple of boo-boo's, but I'm sure we all love investing in a couple of pairs of good sneakers from time to time. Not just the regular black pair or the regular white pair. But something absolutely mind-blowing and show-stopping! Some people might think sneakers are immature and childish, but take a look at these ones I found, they're absolutely stunning. And hey, I have the rest of my life to wear heels.

A lot of people are getting really into Creative Recreation's and Greedy Geniou$'s and all those relatively new sneaker brands but I prefer the tried and true sneakers, like Nike Dunks and Reebok Freestyles. Fashion passes but style remains! That's why the clean cut design of Nike Dunks have only grown in variety and prospered.

These are the "Skinny" Dunks. Like how girls love the skinny jeans cus somehow they always conform to your body and hug it just in the right areas, the sneakers conform and gently hug your feet. They're less bulky. And trust me, I have a couple pairs of dunks and they do feel a little clunky sometimes, even though they're my size. So I can't wait for these to drop! Spring-Summer 2009 :)

I don't care, I'm getting them both. I just can't say no.

Info & Pictures via

Monday, February 9, 2009

Item Spotlight: RIP YSL T-shirt.

I'm pretty late with this. But Brian Lichtenberg has created a gem with this T-shirt. Definitely a stylish statement maker but at the same time, you have the profound awareness of the death of one of the greatest designers of all time.

Random Fact: Yves Saint Laurent actually worked under Christian Dior until he was encouraged to make his own collection at the young age of 29.

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Saturday, January 31, 2009


I'm going to start saving up my pennies now! Married to the Mob is definitely my favorite female street-wear brand that is taking the US and the WORLD by storm! The founder of MTTM, Leah McSweeney used to work out of the kitchen of her house in 2005 and in a mere 3 years, by 2008, she got her own suite in the Empire State Building! I would go as far as to say Leah McSweeney is almost our modern day Coco Chanel, just like how Coco made casual clothing acceptable and appealing for women of in the first half of the 20th century, Leah made the t-shirt and hoodie sexy for the girls of the new millenium! I truly look up to her and hope that one day I can be blessed with success like hers. Get 'em girl!

This isn't your Rocawear or Baby Phat. These articles of clothing are witty, sexy with a "don't F--- with me" attitude. Who doesn't love that in a woman! Branch out of that demure Abercrombie and Fitch and boring American Eagle and live a little!

Love the long sleeve shirt. This is definitely one of my favorite. Kid Sister works it out, too!

Don't tell me the t-shirt doesn't crack you up a little bit. And the hoodie is just too cute for words. I've always had a thing for stripes, you really can't go wrong with them.

Move over, boys. Baseball jackets look better on girls! I love the sequin detailing on the chest.

That's right!

Coco would've been proud! This cardigan is a MUST HAVE for me. You could be wearing a $5 wifebeater and some cheap denim shorts, but if you had this cardigan on, you'd look like a million bucks!

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a picture, but MTTM also has a shirt out that is screen printed on what seems to be a cotton/spandex shirt---The t-shirt hugs the girls and your waist.

Check out the full collection & shop @

Cheers to Married to the Mob and bringing effortless and non-skanky sexiness back!

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Got Wood?...Or maybe leather or copper?

I used to work for a jewelry boutique in Boston called Lazuli Jewelry. I worked in the showroom in a penthouse suite on Boylston Street. Their jewelry is handmade and customizable(Yes, I've made a couple pieces before) and the materials they use are simply so unique. Before wood or copper jewelry was ever "in", they had it! And the innovative women that came by always embraced it. Ya see, don't get me wrong, I LOVE bamboo jewelry and disposable Iron & nickel jewelry from Claire's or H&M, but it doesn't hurt to invest in some AMAZING jewelry! Who wants to wear something everyone has? Other than everyone! (haha)

I just wanted to spotlight some items that I love!
(All images from

Copper itself is so sultry because it blends it with most tan-olive-y skin tones. But the flower shaped stone makes the cuff pop! The stone can also be customized with a green or red flower-shaped stone...or any other stone they have in stock in case you're just in love with the bracelet!

Who would have thought a square shaped ring? So unique. The stone also comes in turquoise.

A ring made from rosewood.It looks so summery and warm, something that can definitely brighten up a Winter afternoon.

An edgy but absolutely feminine and elegant ring. This was the favorite of most of the women that came by the showroom and men always favored buying this ring for their lady friends!(The ring can be customized with different stones other than Amethyst)

Chanel & Christian Dior Spring 2009 Couture Runway!

By no means am I able to afford any of these stunning pieces but it's a bittersweet pleasure to admire them! For Chanel, there's a whole lot of black and white going on, mostly white. And unfortunately so are the runway models. To be honest, I was hoping Karl Lagerfeld would think of more vibrant designs to uplift viewer's spirits but I guess this season, he's definitely focused on cut and silhouette than tossing in some color.

But anyway, here are some of my favorites from the Chanel Spring 2009 Runway!

I definitely have a thing for double-breasted stuff--- Effortlessly Classy.

Love, Love, LOVE the lace innocent but intriguingly sexy, the contrasting colored corseted waist & collar, deelish. & the deep V-neck really tops it off. This dress would be sexier on a fuller figure, the model needs to work that dress like she means it! Maybe that headdress is weighing her down..

The little black dress--re-invented. What do you think? I'm a little iffy on the padded shoulders/sequin shrug, to be honest. The sequins make it playful though!

The tulip hemline is taking over! I see it everywhere. I even got a deal on a gorgeous dress at Express the other day. I think the cut is flattering, creates an illusion of curves where you need'em.

Those head-pieces are all such works of art. They belong on like a dining room table or something though, not on a someone's head. Don't you think?

For Christian Dior 2009 Spring Couture, alot of the stuff is black and white too. With splashes of reds, dark-steely blues, and creams with alot of delicate floral print. There's SOOOO much attention to minor details that make the whole dress for what it is. And now for the INCREDIBLE Christian Dior Spring 2009 Couture Runway! John Galliano is truly an artist. Here's some that really caught my eye:

LOVE the cut on this dress. Simple but sexy on so many levels. Accentuating the hips, and a sweet boat neck neckline cut right down the middle for some edginess.

This red dress, I have no words. It's perfect in so many dimensions. I love silk dresses, they're so vibrant. But check out the jeweled neckline and underneath, there's an off the shoulder look with the silk layered over it, I just can't stop looking. Props to the hair stylist who decided to crimp all the models' hair. I love it! Check out the model's sly smile...personifies the dress ENTIRELY. sexy but demure.

I'm getting married in this dress...non-negotiable. I absolutely LOVE the tiered skirts with the intricate detailing. Looks alot like an upside-down wedding cake. But the model absolutely WORKS it!

This dress would have been very frou-frou if it wasn't for the graceful detailing underneath the skirts. I'm also not a huge fan of full skirts, but this dress is just too amazing to not allow me to reconsider. Stunning.

This dress is simply a FANTASY. The top is very pin-up girl reminiscent with the halter top and the belted waist and detailing at the bust. But then you see the skirts and it's like mixing it with Victorian classiness. Pin up girl + Gibson Girl= Nothing can possibly go wrong. This dress boggles my mind. It's beyond this earth.

So I don't know about you! But I think if it's Chanel Spring 2009 Couture Runway Vs. Christian Dior Spring 2009 Couture Runway...Christian Dior wins, HANDS DOWN!


All images from Thanks a million!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Entry!

I'm currently majoring in Fashion Merchandising @ Johnson and Wales Univ. in Providence. This blog is going to be dedicated to my major and how I feel about the dynamics of fads & fashion trends, etc.