Thursday, January 29, 2009

Got Wood?...Or maybe leather or copper?

I used to work for a jewelry boutique in Boston called Lazuli Jewelry. I worked in the showroom in a penthouse suite on Boylston Street. Their jewelry is handmade and customizable(Yes, I've made a couple pieces before) and the materials they use are simply so unique. Before wood or copper jewelry was ever "in", they had it! And the innovative women that came by always embraced it. Ya see, don't get me wrong, I LOVE bamboo jewelry and disposable Iron & nickel jewelry from Claire's or H&M, but it doesn't hurt to invest in some AMAZING jewelry! Who wants to wear something everyone has? Other than everyone! (haha)

I just wanted to spotlight some items that I love!
(All images from

Copper itself is so sultry because it blends it with most tan-olive-y skin tones. But the flower shaped stone makes the cuff pop! The stone can also be customized with a green or red flower-shaped stone...or any other stone they have in stock in case you're just in love with the bracelet!

Who would have thought a square shaped ring? So unique. The stone also comes in turquoise.

A ring made from rosewood.It looks so summery and warm, something that can definitely brighten up a Winter afternoon.

An edgy but absolutely feminine and elegant ring. This was the favorite of most of the women that came by the showroom and men always favored buying this ring for their lady friends!(The ring can be customized with different stones other than Amethyst)

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