Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Art of Cutting Costs

You can find out more about entrepreneurs cutting costs by checking out this article but here are some obvious ways of saving money as the price of EVERYTHING, pretty much, goes up.

Chris Mazzili of the Gotham Comedy Club in NYC has switched to green products. (i.e. toilet paper, napkins, & paper towels) The key is to not have the customers notice. Since green products have developed past the tree-barky feeling of toilet paper and has now saved Chris Mazzili 10%-15% on paper supplies.

Craig Heurung, as sales manager of Speedee deliver has simply communicating to his truck drivers on how to conserve more gas. Easy things like not pressing on the breaks as often, turning off the engine whenever possible has saved him, and driving slowly to conserve more gas.

Now you know why those 18-wheelers drive so slow! Not because they're a clumsy vehicle, but also because it saves gas.

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