Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Item Spotlight: Nike Skinny Dunks

For all the ladies that love sneakers.

Times are rough right now and our economy has a couple of boo-boo's, but I'm sure we all love investing in a couple of pairs of good sneakers from time to time. Not just the regular black pair or the regular white pair. But something absolutely mind-blowing and show-stopping! Some people might think sneakers are immature and childish, but take a look at these ones I found, they're absolutely stunning. And hey, I have the rest of my life to wear heels.

A lot of people are getting really into Creative Recreation's and Greedy Geniou$'s and all those relatively new sneaker brands but I prefer the tried and true sneakers, like Nike Dunks and Reebok Freestyles. Fashion passes but style remains! That's why the clean cut design of Nike Dunks have only grown in variety and prospered.

These are the "Skinny" Dunks. Like how girls love the skinny jeans cus somehow they always conform to your body and hug it just in the right areas, the sneakers conform and gently hug your feet. They're less bulky. And trust me, I have a couple pairs of dunks and they do feel a little clunky sometimes, even though they're my size. So I can't wait for these to drop! Spring-Summer 2009 :)

I don't care, I'm getting them both. I just can't say no.

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