Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Transition of Dimepiece. Sugary Street to Shockingly Chic! (I'm so corny)

I've been following Dimepiece Designs by Ashley Dimes and Laura Marie since their first collection in 2007. But unfortunately, none of their pieces hit stores around the Boston Area in time. I swear I would have taken the bus all the way to New York City to buy some of their Summer 2007 pieces, which was my favorite. It was just bold bright colors with lots daring screen prints and loud, fiesty statements such as : "Ain't No Wifey", "$$$ is the root of all evil " and "Trust no B*tch!". I LOVED it.

So this was the Dimepiece that won my heart over.

I love the City of Angels tee!

And of course, the logo tee won my heart too.

I'm not a fan of Foxy Brown, but she's a good example of money being the root of all evil! And plus, her outfit is amazing...check out those boots & cut off shorts!

image via www.clutchmagonline.com

Now here is Dimepiece Specialty 2009

The skirt is amazing but it's pretty, matured and developed, dare I say, compared to Summer 2009.

I would love to wear that vest over a wife beater.

imaged via www.highsnobette.com

The back of the vest is very Marie-Antoinette-French-Revolution reminiscent. I still love it.

They have gotten pretty chic, havent they? Very Runway-worthy. I mean I like it, but I loved the old Dimepiece collection like 3x more.


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