Thursday, February 19, 2009

Have you learned your lesson?

The biggest lesson in entrepreneurship is to never give up, under any circumstance. This is probably the biggest lesson in life as well, or it should be. Well in an article from has summarized all the lessons that we can learn with unexpected examples of who have taught them to us.

Here are my favorite ones:

Lebron James
Lesson: No matter how successful you are, keep growing and never become complacent.

Besides being compared to Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson with his basketball skills and helping the U.S. win gold inthe BeiJing Olympics in basketball, Lebron has steered towards the business and entrepreneurial side of things by dropping his marketing company to start his own LRMR Marketing. He has been learning Mandarin for the past 2 years for more business opportunities. Lebron is only 24.

Sky's the Limit!

Jon Stewart
Lesson: You'll be more successful if you earn customers' trust.

I know I'm not the only one that thinks Jon Stewart is uproariously funny. In fact, most of America does. That's why people have almost considered "The Daily Show" as the real news! It's all through trust. And when his "history textbook" came out, poking fun at American History over the years, it sold well.

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