Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yours Truly Spring/Summer 2009!!

I'm in love. I just can't stop. My obsession with t-shirts and sweatshirts have start to become absolutely overwhelming and I find myself just admiring stuff online for hours (well more like 15 minutes). Yours Truly Brand is my victim tonight!

Yours Truly is a female streetwear brand that originated in Brooklyn NY. These ladies have continuously delivered with fiesty T-shirts season after season, and I must admit...I own some. These $40 t-shirts have drilled holes in my pocket. But I love them all!

This Spring/Summer 2009 collection is just, by far, the most creative they've gotten with screen printing.

I'm definitely eyeing the East Coast Shirt and the Above the Clouds t-shirt.

I love the off the shoulder sweatshirt! I'm gonna get it, I don't care.

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